Welcome to See Spot Clean

See Spot Cleanwhere we offer a better way to groom your pet. See Spot Clean is a full and self-serve pet grooming facility. Come in and use our elevated tubs and all natural shampoos to bathe your pet yourself, or let us do it for you. We offer a full range of grooming services, so whether your pet has a wash and wear kind of coat or one that requires a trim or shave, we will send him out looking his best. In addition, we want your pet’s grooming experience to be fun, not frightening. We let the dogs play together while they are in our facility if they are fixed and friendly and have found that this makes the experience much more enjoyable for both pets and staff. Come see for yourself!

We are located on Litchfield Rd in Goodyear just south of Van Buren. It is one major block east of our old location. Give us a call if you need directions!Discounts & Specials


What were you thinking? It’s not my fault there’s water all over the floor and hair in the drain. Don’t blame me if your back hurts from bending over the bathtub. I tried to tell you about See Spot Clean in Goodyear.

ParkerHi, my name is Parker and you can see my profile on dogster.com here. My mom Kara came up with a better way to keep your own Spot clean and sweet smelling. The shop has elevated tubs I can walk right up into that won’t hurt your back, and you don’t have to clean up the mess. Mom’s natural shampoos don’t dry out my fur like that stuff you use. I’m itching already just thinking about it. And if you don’t want to wash your dog yourself, a smiling attendant will do it for you. And they’ve got all the stuff to make your Spot look beautiful—nail clippers, blow dryers, towels–it’s like a dog spa! I can even get my teeth brushed and get a spritz of cologne! The girls will be following me all over town. Hey, I’m a good nanny for your dog too! Can they stay and play with me in the doggie day care? Please? I promise to take good care of them.